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MobiPesa is Kenya’s most flexible mobile lending platform. We strive to provide financial inclusion for people from all walks of life by leveraging on technology to provide cash loans right on their mobile phones at low and easy repayment schedules. We offer loans for different durations. The customer determines their own repayment schedule meaning customers may make payments towards their principal at any time after disbursement.

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With MobiPesa at your fingertips, you can handle emergencies, clear bills, pay school fees, etc. basically anything you need to keep your life moving forward and embracing any opportunity that comes your way.

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MobiPesa envisions to be the most efficient lender in Kenya by being cashless, paperless and data-driven to offer the best value, most flexible and most customer-oriented financial services in the market.

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Less than 5 minute application. Quick loan approval process.



We neither have hidden fees nor undisclosed terms of lending.

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No paperworks. All funds are wired to your m-pesa wallet.



Our loans are backed by a full satisfaction guarantee


Low-interest, fast loans :)

Join the fastest growing and most responsible loan platform in Kenya. Access from Ksh 5,000 up to Ksh 300,000 on your mobile phone — anytime and anywhere. Get quick access to the funds you need.

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